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George Ryskamp

Associate Professor of History

2105 JFSB


  • BA in Spanis​h and History, Brigham Young University
  • JD, J. Reuben Clark Law School, Brigham Young University

Areas of Specialty

  • Southern Europe, emphasis on Spain
  • Latin America


  • Spain


  • English
  • Spanish

Published Materials


  • Finding Your Hispanic Roots. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1997.
  • A Student's Guide to Mexican American Genealogy, with Peggy Ryskamp. New York: Rosen Publishing Company, 1996.
  • Tracing Your Hispanic Heritage. Riverside, California: Hispanic Family History Research, 1984.


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  • "The De Lema Dilemma: Exploring the Complexities of Spanish Naming Patterns," National Genealogical Society Quarterly 90 (June 2002):87-98.
  • "House Histories, Reconstructing Your Ancestor's Daily Lives." Ancestry 18 (October 2000): 34-42.
  • "Research in the Archives of Galicia." In Congreso Internacional de Historia y Genealogia Gallega," eds. Lucio Ricardo Perez Calvo and Enrique D. Pineyro Velasco Del Castillo. Buenos Aires: Instituto Argentino Gallego de Ciencias Historicas y Genealogicas, 1999. pp. 107-116.
  • "Basic Concepts of Archival Research: Lessons Learned in Southern European Archives." Genealogical Journal, An International Publication 26 (September 1998): 70-85.
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  • "Portuguese Parish and Civil Registration Extract Forms." Portuguese Ancestry 8 (April 1998): 8-9.
  • "Reference Works and Research Guides for Mexican Genealogical Research." Lifeliner, Genealogical Society of Riverside 33 (March 1998): 89-94.


  • Review of "Ancestral Research in France: The Simple Guide to Tracing Your Family History Through French Records," by Patrick Pontet. National Genealogical Society Quarterly 88 (June 2000): 151.
  • Review of "Genealogical Encyclopedia of the Colonial Americas," by Christina K. Schaeffer. Genealogical Journal 28 (January 2000): 46-48.
  • Review of "British Origins of American Colonists, 1628-1775," by William Dollarhide. Genealogical Journal 27 (March 1999): 42-48.

Family History Courses Taught

  • Rel C 261 - Introduction to Family History (Genealogy)
  • Hist 363 - Borderlands Spanish Frontier in North America
  • Hist 400 - The Family and the Law in American History
  • Hist 424 - Romance Language Handwriting and Documents
  • Hist 410R - Southern European Family History
  • Hist 410R - Southern European Family History
  • Hist 411R - Hispanic Family History Research
  • Hist 490 - Historical Research and Writing
  • Hist 482 - Professional Paths and Credentials in Family History